Friday, April 1, 2016

Young woman jumps to her death rather than be raped

A 20-year-old-model reportedly  jumped to her death from her rented apartment to avoild being raped by an estate agent and his friend.

According to reports, Gulay Bursali and her boyfriend were tricked to an apartment building by their realtor and a friend who then beat up the boyfriend and attempted to rape Gulay but she managed to escape after being stripped naked and threatened to jump.

Eyewitnesses said they had seen the naked young woman hanging out of the window.  One man told local TV, UK:

"I heard somebody screaming help, and I thought maybe it was just someone messing around. Then I saw naked girl hanging out of the window. "She was yelling don't pull me inside, if you try to pull me inside I will jump. Those inside were shouting at her to come inside, saying they were going to call the police. "But she wasn't interested, I heard her threaten them two more times to say that she would jump, and was calling for somebody to help. "I didn't say anything, I felt if she moved even a bit she was going to fall and that was why didn't say anything. I just called the police. While I was doing that, she jumped."

What a tragedy.

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  1. That is sad, I hope the perpetrators stay in jail for a long time.