Friday, April 1, 2016

Woman cuts dead family member open with razor in a bid to save unborn twins

Dear lord this is so bizarre! A video showing a relative cutting a woman's stomach open to rescue her open twins has got everyone in Cameroon horrified! 31-year-old Monique Koumateke who was in her 9th month of pregnancy was rushed to a hospital by family members after she became ill. Unfortunately the woman died on arrival and the reportedly the nurses on duty at the Douala's Laquintini Hospital, refused to help save the  babies  saying that she was dead and she needed to be handed over to the people at the mortuary.

In a desperate bid to save the babies, a family member took a razor blade and cut Koumateke’s stomach open. One baby died on delivery and the opther was alive when he was removed but died but died shortly afterwards.  Police arrested the midwife and nurses, and they are investigating the incident.

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