Friday, April 29, 2016

Tiwa Savage finally breaks her silence; addresses her husband's suicide attempt and wild accusations

Yesterday, Nigerian artist Tiwa Savages's husband Tunji Balogun known as Tee Billz broke the internet when he posted multiple rants about his failing marriage on Instagram. He made a lot of accusations including Tiwa taking him for granted, being fame hungry and even enumerated a list of guys she has allegedly slept with in the industry. The worst of it all was - Tunji attempted suicide but was fortunately stopped by his friends Banky W and Peter Okoye.

Tiwa Savage has finally spoken up about the events pouring out her heart in a raw and candid interview with Thisday journalist, Azuka Ogujuiba and obtained by Pulse NG. Here are some highlights from the interview that you can watch after the cut...
  1. Tiwa said she did not cheat on him.
  2. Reveals they have been separated for two months and admits she knew the marriage wasn't going to work.
  3. He cheated on her while she was having a miscarriage 
  4. He brought drugs to their home.
  5. He was stealing from her.
This is all so sad. You never know what people deal with in their private lives. Watch the interview after the cut...


  1. Too early but maybe needed. Feels staged but we are outsiders looking in. Wishing them the best in this situation.

  2. Doro liar! She slept with them joor both of dem were playing away match maybe Tunji was getting too much more. Lol!

  3. So the guy wanted to die because he was owing 45 million that Tiwa could help help him out with. What an egotistical, delusional fella. Tiwa walk away with your head help up!

  4. But Tiwa too yarn, even if all this was happening we no need to yarn like that. Clear the air about the cheating and move on. Only God knows the truth.

  5. This is a mess.

  6. Unfortunately this is the norm in most Nigerian families. The woman starts to succeed and the man deflates into a baby.