Friday, April 8, 2016

Man leaves baby in the car to receive lap dance in strip club

A  24-year-old dad from California who left his baby 9-month-old girl in the car to get a lap dance at a strip club on April 6 has been charged with child abuse.

The dad, Auwin Dargin, was busted after the Assistant Manager of Synn Gentleman's Club Matthew Nadeau noticed the customer kept leaving and reentering the strip club every 15 minutes and became suspicious. He and a waitress checked the parking lot and found that the dad had left a baby in the car with the window a little open. They were able to unlock the door and remove the baby from the car seat.

Nadeau called the police while the  manager tracked down the girl's father who was enjoying a lap dance. Dargin tried to run from the scene leaving his child behind but police arrested him as he was fleeing the club.

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