Thursday, April 14, 2016

Gay Nigerian man narrates how he was raped by a fake policeman he met on Facebook

The story was narrated by NoStrings -Voice of LGBT Nigeria, about young man who was raped and robbed by a man he met on Facebook.  Read it below:

"A man called Bola traveled from Lagos to Ibadan, and was eventually set up in Delta State Asaba, Nigeria. It happened that he has been chatting with a man on Facebook who claimed to be a doctor.

Upon his arrival at an arranged hotel in Asaba, this man collected his debit cards and other valuable items from him, using an internet banking app to transfer all his funds, amounting to about 85,000 naira.
This man claimed that he was a police officer in disguise, and as well, threatened him with the recently signed Anti-Gay Law. But this wickedness did not stop there. This so called police officer also raped him without any protection and later followed the victim up to where he joined a bus back home.

We have details of this man, including his picture, but we cannot release it, as the victim’s life will be put at risk. This man has the victim’s school ID card and has threatened to hurt him if he gets anyone involved.

We are making further enquiries into this issue, and will see the outcome of whatever happens. This is clearly an act of wickedness and a crime has been committed here.

This Wicked man needs to face the law for extortion and impersonation."