Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Flying Eagles coach says he would be more respected if he were "white"

Coach, Emmanuel Amuneke has voiced out his opinion that Nigerian and African coaches need to step up and deliver ground breaking results so they they would get the respect they deserve.

"We shouldn’t allow people create a certain belief about black coaches, that we are not good. If I was a white man I would probably be respected for what we have achieved. Guardiola (Pep) and Enrinque (Luis) played for Spain and now coach big teams. I remember when Guardiola was lined up for the Barcelona job, there was much protest and Yohan Cruyff; of blessed memory asked them,who was born with experience?  So we need Nigerian coaches to believe in themselves and if they don’t get the respect, earn it and that is why courses like this can be helpful," the coach said.

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