Saturday, April 30, 2016

Femi Kuti admits he can never be faithful to one woman; wonders why men decide to remain caged in marriages

Femi Kuti, has opened up about why his marriage failed. The musician told High Flyers Television, HFtv Africa, that he loves women and his ex Funke knew he would never be faithful. Read what he said below:

Like I always say, I will never get married again but I like women. We have too many hypocrites, especially men who do not want to accept the fact that they like women a lot. Why are there so many divorce cases? We like each other and if you want to remain caged in your marriage as a man, good for you.

When I was getting married, my wife (Funke) knew I would not be faithful. This was one of our outspoken thoughts.

It’s like getting married to Madonna and you don’t want men to flirt with her; you will have a big problem; or you marry an actress you see kissing on the movie after your marriage, or you marry a sexy model and you don’t want men to come after them, sorry, you may just develop high blood pressure.

If you want to get married to someone like me and you don’t want or expect women to throw themselves at me, of course you will have problems.

There might be one or two mistakes around the corner and if the love is that strong, you both will stay together and accept it and work it over and forgive and forget.

At least he is saying his truth.

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