Friday, March 18, 2016

Young man who was arrested for marrying his lover without parental consent has been freed

So this peculiar love story was trending yesterday - about Nono and Ugo Madugba, two young Nigerians in love, who eloped .

Reportedly Ugo got married to Nono without her parents's consent so they had the police arrest him. Nono Orji left helpless took to social media for help. She posted on her Facebook page an appeal to Nigerians to help get her husband released.

"Breaking News: The Nigerian Police in Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi just arrested an Innocent 30 year old man called Ugo Madugba for an offence of Marriage. Marriage has become a crime in Nigeria according to Dolphin police station in Ikoyi. Mr Ugo got married to Dr Nono a 28 year old medical Doctor .Her father has been very distraught about it and has used the police to threaten the young
couple to the extent of arresting all those who acted as witnesses to the marriage who are now in custody. He has been denied access to his family and friends and information reaching us has it that his Lawyer was also denied access to him .There is a belief that a plan to poison Ugo is being hatched. Please forward this message to as many people as possible lets save Ugo’s life."

It seems the power of social media prevailed again as Ugo posted an update on Facebook confirming her husband's release:

"It is with profound gratitude to all those who supported me and my husband at these trying times that I announce to you that my husband was released last night along with Dr Kingsley who witnessed my marriage at the Ikoyi Registry. When I first put up this on social media, many people who didn’t know the scary situation I found myself viewed it with disdain. I can understand it since it was viewed as a family affair and should remain so. Frankly, that was my thought before things went sour. My fear and apprehension of what was to come led me to cry out. Threats of deaths and arrests began to fly around in a supposedly family affair and indeed the threat of arrest was effected. My husband was arrested at LUTH, by the Dolphin Police, for marrying me at Ikoyi Registry without my parents’ consent. On a good day, that is not proper but only a few open-minded people asked why. He was later transferred to the dreaded Panti Police Station the following day. After he was led to Panti, someone went to Dolphin Police Station to look for him but was informed that no such person was ever brought there. That sent shivers to my marrow because we got information that my husband will be killed and disposed of. Why my lawyers were waiting to see him at Panti, he was led away through the back door and the men at the counter informed my lawyers that no one like my husband was brought there. I later discovered that he was led to the hospital where I worked and to the house of my in-laws to search for me. It was not until late last night that the leadership of the police force ordered for his unconditional release and safe dispatch to our residence. I once again say thank you to all those who were part of this effort. My friends and some extended family members, people on social media who trended the news, the press, my lawyers, people who called from all over the world wanting to know what was going on. It was during this ordeal that one of my international callers informed me that just a couple of days ago, a Kurdish woman called Shilan was shot dead in Germany for refusing to marry someone who was forced on her. May the soul of Shilan rest in peace. My case is no different. While Shilan was 22 years, I am 28 years. That makes it sound ridiculous even to the ears of a deaf man that I will be forced to marry a man named Stanley, a man who had categorically stated to me that he wasn’t interested again, but for the prodding of my father, Dr Ejike. This cause is no longer about me, it is now about thousands or perhaps millions of girls and women across the world who are forced to marry the wrong people, about the police force who compromise and inflict injustice to innocent people and most painfully, about people who keep quiet when evil triumph. The sequence of this story dealt a ruthless blow to the global movement for the rights of women. The District Police Officer who arrested my husband is a woman, the Investigating Police Officers in Panti Police Station are women who failed in doing the right thing in the course of their duty. It is very unfortunate. As I continue my consultations with stakeholders all around the world who reached out to me on the way forward to fight this evil practice of forced union, I once again say thank and God bless. Dr. Nolulieaku Orji-Madugba."

I hope this guy does right by you boo boo.

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