Monday, March 7, 2016

WTF! Husband kills wife with a hammer because she "stole' his Elvis tribute band ticket

What are people becoming? There is never a reason to kill anyone but for a ticket? Your wife? Lord have mercy.

Paul Abbott, 56, is facing a life sentence for bludgeoning his wife to death with a hammer after she sold his ticket to see an Elvis tribute band.  Paul was enraged after his 54-year-old wife Jacqueline sold his concert ticket on eBay.

The couple were described by neighbours as being 'Elvis mad' and regularly went to conventions and tribute acts together. One resident said: 'She was really into Elvis, there was loads of pictures of him around the home. 'They were both big fans of him though. They went to loads of tribute nights and I think a couple of conventions too. But you would never think an argument over Elvis Presley would lead to a murder.'

 Today,  Paul pleaded guilty at Wolverhampton Crown Court, UK to murdering his wife. The presiding Judge John Wait,  told him that he would be jailed for life, but adjourned the case so he could determine the minimum term he will spend behind bars.

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