Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Woman kills herself because all her friends were married and she was single

Danielle Saul, 31 from Manchester UK, was found dead in her apartment from an apparent suicide by hanging, last June. Reports have it that the young woman was struggling to get over a break-up while all her best friends were getting married.

Here is what her mother Karen Saul told the inquest:
'She had had a couple of long-term relationships, one of which was around five years ago, and then that broke up but she still had feelings for him and found it difficult. 'I think she had an overload that weekend with the upset from her previous relationship. She had met up with that person and I think
she hoped they would get back together. 'She had a difficult time at work a few months prior to that in her previous job where she had a very difficult bullying boss who got her upset. 'I believe she went to the doctors about that in November 2014, and it seems around then three or four of her best friends got married. 'At the time quite a number of her friends were getting married and she was going to hen parties and she was going to be bridesmaid and I think she got overloaded with these things and emotionally things became exaggerated.'

Source: Mail Online

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