Friday, March 11, 2016

Time's new cover slams Trump

WOW they did not! Time's March cover has US presidential hopeful Donald Trump labelled as “bully,” “showman,” “party crasher,” and “demagogue”. This is a bold statement. See what the magazine said about the cover below:

"What four words best describe the Republican frontrunner?

Choose yours and share In wake of his Super Tuesday victories, Donald Trump appears on the cover of the March 14 issue of TIME along with labels selected by TIME’s editors to crystallize some of the more unusual aspects of his candidacy. We debated which words most suited Trump (“bully,” “showman,” “party crasher,” and “demagogue”) and now we’d like to give you a chance to to choose the words that you think best capture the Republican frontrunner and his influence on the 2016 election. Place your words on the cover below and share your version."

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