Thursday, March 24, 2016

This woman posed as a man to have sex with teenage girls...TF

A Jennifer Staines from the Uk has been sentenced to 39 months in jail after admitting she posed as a man using the name Jason and setting up social media profiles in order to contact  teenage girl

Jennifer, 23,  reportedly used a rubber penis  and wear  condoms when sleeping with the girls. She targeted girls between the ages 12 - 17.  Jennifer pleaded guilty to sexual assault and two counts of possessing indecent photos of one victim. She also admitted two sexual assaults on a second victim and three sexual assaults on a third.

According to the Bristol Post, Judge Barry Cotter QC told her: "You planned carefully to deceive. "You did everything to ensure you had the ability to engage in relationships in which they believed you were a gender you were not. "I can't determine whether it was for love, love and sex, or just sex."
Investigating officer Detective Constable Nadine Partridge said: “Jennifer Staines deceived and manipulated her victims into believing she was a young man which is an appalling breach of trust. 

“Her actions were driven by her own selfish desires and although her victims “consented” to sexual activity with her, they were deceived about the true nature of what they were engaging in. “The manipulation was so extreme that one of her victims still struggles to believe she was actually in a relationship with a woman, not a man.

 “The victims and their families have been through a traumatic ordeal and they’ve found the courage to support the police investigation from the outset. I hope this outcome will help them move on with their lives.

 “I believe there may be more victims out there so I’d encourage anyone who feels they may have been contacted by Jennifer Staines, posing as Jason, to come forward and speak to us. We’re here to listen, believe and support you.”

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