Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This is what Paul Okoye revealed about the break-up of Psquare

As unfortunate as this is, it is now clear that Psquare is no more. Peter and Paul Okoye the twin brothers that ,made up the pop group have both revealed themselves as solo artists with new managers amid talk of family dispute.

Paul Okoye spoke to MTV Base on his new music path as a solo artist.

“A lot has been happening but I just wanna keep it private cuz it’s a private thing. “But what I’ve been busy doing now is I have two new artistes Muno and Lucy.”

On what inspired his Rude Boy record company
“I decided to open the Rude Boy record because I needed an avenue whereby I can be free and kinda express myself. You know when you have too many board members handling stuff, you don’t easily take decisions. “You get to hold different kind of meetings before you take decisions and for me
when you delay like that whatever I have inside of me is gone. So I needed an avenue whereby I just wanna do me. I just wanna express myself.”

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