Thursday, March 17, 2016

This is what Alibaba wrote about RMD's weight loss

Alibaba hit the nail on the head. The comedian took to Instagram to talk about all the maligning rumors that initially surrounded RMD's weight loss. If someone decides to get healthy and take care of their bodies, people will conclude they are sick. Sit down there be stuffing your face and judging a man who decided to take care of himself. Read what Alibaba said after the cut.

"I had not seen Bros for a bit. Ran into him at the airport 2 years ago. I didn't even butu. "Bros, you don few", I said when I saw how lean he looked. Then he took me through his health plan. "Wetin dem DEY take fat do?" This was not good news. Because, at size 46, even at size 44... His wardrobe was our war chest. Then he dropped to 44. We followed him. It was cheaper to stay fit than buy some expensive stuff. If you ask me, I think Opebi, was the best times I enjoyed Bros. God bless my team from Owen to MEE... You should see his face when he saw me wearing something and goes "I been get this kind jacket". My reply was always, "Then DEY see like that". From the days of #MisterMagazine, @mofedamijo has been a reference point in style and fashion. Plus other things. He do, we follow. Because, he who do he, do he! Oro ruwe, ruwe! Soon after the weight loss process took sail, tongues started to wag. (Have you seen RMD lately? He is sick. Something is definitely wrong with him. He should see a doctor. It could be AIDS. Doesn't he have friends? ABEG, let them take him to India. A reliable source told me that he has a medical condition. This cant be deliberate weight loss) They did not think the process was a process. He was sick period. He continued to burn the calories, count the calories and mind the gap, between his mouth. He dropped to size 40 and finally stabilize started to 42. For someone who even used to push 48... He had done well. Guess what? Same people who thought he was sick amongst other things they feared, are now drooling, wowing, crushing and hailing him. #RMD is now ageless. Handsome. Very fit for his age & had a physique all men should strive to attain. If you thought this was all about #RMD you don't know me. It's about Nigeria. We have carried too much weight around. We bore much more than we can bear. It's time to cut down. The people shouting things are hard now, don't know what a recovery process is. It takes a while. Our economy is in dire straits. But if we stick to the program, we will get there. Too many leaks were in our commonwealth. Some had connected taps to their personal boreholes. While the rest were thirsty. Like #RMD like Nigeria"

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