Sunday, March 20, 2016

This is how Shemar Moore answered a fan who called him gay

So for ages people have speculated that Shemar Moore is gay. The actor posted the above on Instagram to put an end to the rumors. He also added the caption below:

"For soooooooo many of you who SHOW ME SOOOO MUCH LOVE... I ADORE n APPRECIATE YOU BACK!!! ...... But.... I am human and get tired of Negative ignorant people trying to bring somebody down!! So this is The ONE and ONLY TIME I will even allow the Haters to know that I see them!!! I am about making PEOPLE FEEL GOOD!!! BOOM 💣💣💣❤️"

A fan of his posted a comment on his insisting the actor is gay, see it and Shemar's response after the cut...

Best response ever!

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