Monday, March 14, 2016

Teen who lost her face after accident reveals new face after years of reconstructive surgery

This is quite an amazing story. For years Chloe Thomson endured unbearable pain, and cruel taunts from bullies after she broke 'almost every bone in her body and face' during a near-tragic car crash at the age of 11.

Now after countless rounds of elaborate surgeries, the teen has a new face and revealed it along with her torturous struggles on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Miss Thomson said: ‘I still find it hard to talk about the bullying. 'The things they were saying were horrific, it’s really hard to forget. It's only recently that I’ve managed to get over it. I’m over it now.'

When asked if she remembered the accident, she answered: ‘I remember everything. I remember the car spinning round and smashing my head off the window. 'They tried to wake me up but I couldn’t speak. I broke everything in my face and most bones in my body.’

See her new face after the cut...

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