Friday, March 18, 2016

Teen horror blogger admits to stabbing mother to death and shooting step father

Blogger Ashlee Martinson, 18, known online as Vampchick has pleaded guilty to stabbing her mother and shooting her stepfather in March last year. The teen who previously argued insanity has now revised her plea in the death of her mother Jennifer Ayers, 40, and her mother's husband Thomas Ayers, 37.

The State of Wisconsin found they were caused 'under the influence of adequate provocation' as Martinson said her stepfather had abused her mentally and verbally, and was physically violent towards Martinson's mother and younger siblings, People wrote.

Experts who interviewed Martinson after the slayings found she had post-traumatic stress disorder and depression after several of her mother's previous boyfriends abused her physically and verbally.

One of them burnt her with a cigarette, beat her and raped her when she was nine years old, the new court filings say. Martinson said she witnessed Ayers physically abuse her mother and her siblings, two stepsisters and a half-sister aged nine, eight and two at the time of the killings.

Ayers would push, smack and choke Martinson's mother and hold a gun to her head if he was displeased, the new court records state. Martinson said she often heard her mother 'screaming and begging for her life'.

She went to live with her father in 2013 but moved back with Ayers and her mother after her father slapped, shoved and kicked her on several occasions according to the documents.

Her father doesn't speak to her anymore and doesn't intend to get involved in the case, the records state. Two of Martinson's siblings told officers Ayers would hit them with a belt so hard it almost caused blisters on their buttocks.

She must be insane!

Source: Mail Online

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