Thursday, March 10, 2016

South African woman who kidnapped baby and raised her for 17 years is convicted

An unidentified woman in South Africa has been convicted of kidnapping a newborn 17 years ago and raising her as her own child before she was finally reunited with her real family.

The accused  had pleaded not guilty saying she was given the baby in a private “adoption”.,

The girl’s true identity was only revealed last year, when her younger biological sister started attending the same school and students commented how uncanny the resembled.  DNA tests proved she was indeed the “missing” baby.
High Court judge John Hlophe told the 50-year-old woman: “You must have been the person who removed the child from hospital.

“Your story if anything is a fairy tale and the court rejects it with the contempt it deserves.”

The girl’s biological mother, Celeste Nurse, sobbed loudly as the verdict was delivered. here were yells of “Yes! Yes!” from the public gallery.

The accused was denied bail and must return to court on May 30 for sentencing. She faces a minimum of five years in prison .

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