Thursday, March 24, 2016

See what this IG user wrote about a before and after make-up collage

An Instagram user by name plato_15 posted the above picture on his page with caption:

"Ah!!! 🙌🙌🙌 Olorun awon Omo ogun o! Messiah! Baba loke! The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob! The God of yesterday today and tomorrow! The Unchangeable changer. The God that can use poly bag to break cement just to disgrace sledge hammer. Ahn ahn!! Kilowade? Straight from Ekuru to Cheese, From Akara To Donut. Omoh! This is too mush! They heave "beat" that face to Coma! How do you actually look like Latifa in person and your make up artiste turns you to Latisha ? Awon Iyalaya Make up Artiste! Sokudalaye Nigeria Limited. Heaven is not guaranteed for this Artiste. Why don't you just open a store and start doing work of creation. Tori Olorun.. Iz not good o. Heaven will ask you all. The Uber that wee take this Make up Artiste to Hell, they are still doing its oil change! Chisos! Is Lorrrddsd!!! 😩🙏"

Funny analogy. Do you agree?


  1. If it is really the same person in both photos, kudos to the make-up artist. A really big transformation!

  2. Anyone can be pretty in today's work. Look at that

  3. After seeing this pic , first I thought its a plastic surgery before after pic samle like doctors show brazilian butt lift pics.