Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Racist Trump supporter assaulted a Nigerian student now he wants to "buy him lunch"

So turns out that the young black lad that was slapped across the face by a Trump supporter and then thrown out of the Fayetteville, North Carolina rally last Wednesday is a Nigerian student by name Adedayo Adeniyi.

Adedayo who while being escorted out of the rally (probably because he is black) was slapped across the face by Trump supporter Jason Wetzel, 70, who also cursed out at him. A video shot by Adebayo showed Wetzel at him and shouting,“Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you,” right before slapping him.

Adebayo told NY Daily News:
 "I have no criminal background. This man does. So please explain to me who the real thug is. A young black man who is a junior in college majoring in medical laboratory science and who also happens to hold many leadership positions there? Or is it this man, with a criminal background who attacked me for no reason?"

A suddenly repentant Wetzel, who has a previous arrest for voter fraud now wants to have lunch with Dayo. he told Daily News:

 “I can’t believe I did that. It was me, but I’m not a hateful man. I just got caught up. When I saw the video all over the news of me doing that to that young man, I was just disgusted with myself, I want to apologize to this young man and maybe take him out to lunch or something."

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