Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pictures of Melania Trump's modeling days sparks sexist debate

Melania Trump is the beautiful wife of US presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Melania used to be a model who posed semi nude in various magazines including Sports Illustrated.

Lately salacious images of the 45-year-old's past life have been surfacing online with people saying she is not fit to be first lady and what not.

Please people chill out. This was her job! Trump met her as a working model. What does her past work as a model have to do with her ability to be a responsible first lady? It is Trump becoming president we should be worried about.

Some people said if it was Michelle who had semi nude photos plastered all over the net, Barack would not have won...because she is black? Well maybe.


  1. The standard has definitely changed

  2. This was in the past, why are people digging up her modelling days. Its not fair, that was her job.