Monday, March 14, 2016

Ooni of Ife's sisters reveal it was the "Oracle" that chose Olori Wuraola

Ooni of Ife sisters Princesses Adesola, Folasade and Adebimpe, recently revealed that their new sister-in-law Olori Wuraola was chosen by the Oracle.  Princess Adesola while talking to CityPeople said the Ooni introduced Wuraola to the family only a month ago and said that the Oracle revealed her to him and that they should accept her.

According to Princess Adesola, all the rumors about Wuraola being a 'serial gold digger' and still married to a Lebanese billionaire are false. "You know a lot of things has been happening since they introduced the new Olori to the world. Lots of people were saying evil things about her. The majority of what they said are not correct. They were just running her down. But to the glory of God, we still marry her. Is that not wonderful and marvelous."

CityPeople asked about the Ooni's first wife, Adebukola,  Princess Folasade said "She is there and she is still an Oloori and I wish Kabiyesi long life and I pray for more wisdom for Kabiyesi."

The oracle of bottom power.

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