Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) descends on Alaba market

The Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC)  has been fighting against piracy and intellectual property theft and part of their process includes conducting anti-piracy raids. \

The commission carried out a raid at Alaba International Market in Lagos on Saturday, 12 March, 2016 following a complaint by Mr. Gabriel Okoye (Gabosky), who alleged that a cinematography work titled “Invasion 1897” which was produced by Mr. Lancelot Imasuen in which he (Gabosky) has the sole rights to marketing and distribution has been infringed.

Facts before the Commission showed that the movie was yet to be released for sales although it is presently showing at the cinemas in Nigeria. NCC found that one Mr. Eze Obasi, a trader at Alaba International Market, started reproducing and redistributing the film for sale, PM News reports.

He was thereafter arrested by the police and transferred to the Commission for further investigation.

During investigation, it was revealed that there were other pirates who were engaged not only in the illegal reproduction of the named movie but generally in the racket of pirating copyright works in Alaba International Market.

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