Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New sex toy 'spy-brator' designed to track women's experience as they orgasms

There is nothing we will not see. Mystery Vibe, a London-based tech company will soon launch the world's first "spy-brator" - a super advanced sex toy which will collect information from women as they climax.

This sex toy will be fitted with five sensors which record intimate information about a woman's sexual organ as they engage in masturbation.

Stephanie Alys, 26, who is the firm's co-founder and "chief pleasure officer" said:
"Using sensors to collect data such as temperature change, pressure from muscle contractions, device positioning and blood flow will help us to understand both male and female pleasure and orgasm better." "Collecting data helps us personalize your experience so that all of your internet connected devices such as music, TV, central heating and lighting work together to turn you on."

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