Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Medical Student to Spend 11 Years in University in Nigeria – NUC

The National Universities Commission has mandated that medical students in Nigeria will eleven years in the university.

According to the Punch, this mandate was made during the lecture “Development of Medical Education: Prospects and Challenges”, presented by Professor Chiedu Mafiana on behalf of the commission’s Executive Secretary Professor Julius Okojie at the maiden matriculation and inauguration of the University of Medical Science, Ondo State.

He explained that the first four years will be spent studying basic sciences in the university while the next seven years will be spent at the medical school. This, he maintained, would aid the students’ psychological growth and prepare them for the future.

So with strike altogether 20 years. It's alright.

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  1. They need to learn

  2. okay now so its (11 + X)years

  3. They don't know sh!t they need more years