Friday, April 1, 2016

It took 4 years for Russian billionaire to find a virgin for his son and spent $1 Billion on the wedding

Russian billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev, reportedly spent $1 billion on his 28-year-old son Said Gutseriev's wedding to his virgin bride Khadija Uzhakhovs, this past weekend in Moscow, Russia’s capital. Mikhail who is the 16th richest person in Russia is a self-made billionaire from oil and real estate, and the groom Said is one of his two children.

According to Daily Mail, the Harrow and Oxford groom spent 4 years looking for a befitting bride who had to be pretty, a virgin and not out there . He found one in Khadija who is currently in dental school.

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The Elie Saab dress is rumored to cost $1 million

 Oh and JLo was one of the performers at the grand occasion. The irony of it all. Marry a modest virgin but hire JLo to perform.

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