Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hitler had a feces sexual fetish

A psychological profile compiled by U.S. spies has revealed that Adolf Hitler indulged in sickening sexual fetishes and that he was a coprophiliac – someone who gets sexual pleasure from feces.

These discoveries were made known in a report called 'A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler: His Life and Legend' which was compiled by the U.S. intelligence agency to find out what made tyrant tick. All these came after it was verified that the along with the Fuhrer indeed had a small penis and one testicle.

The report's author, Dr Walter C Langer, discovered the Nazi leader's bizarre fetish after gathering evidence from informers, it was reported by The Daily Star. Dr Langer said: 'We must not suppose that Hitler gratifies his strange perversion frequently. 'Patients of this type rarely do and in Hitler's case it is highly probable that he has permitted himself to go this far only with his niece, Geli. 'The practice of this perversion represents the lowest depths of degradation.'