Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Draya shares retouched photo with powerful message

The reality show star who is currently pregnant shared the above photo along with a powerful message of self love. Read below and see the before photo after the cut...

"Ok so I used that face smoothing app... And honestly ladies, this is too much. Love yourself. Guess I shoulda smoothed my neck and chest too. This looks stupid. It looks like I died and the ghost of Draya has returned. It's very fake. I'm glowing. But not in a good way. Glowing the way Casper did. Glowing as if I drank antifreeze. Not glowing from natural oils in my face, because I literally photo shopped out my pores so there isn't going to be evidence of sweat or oil. Yeah. I'm cool. 😑 trust me, people will be very disappointed with how you look in real life if you post pics like this. ☺️ this flawless lady right here is FULL OF FLAWS. I tried tho."

She looks absolutely gorgeous and needs no filter. However, some of us need help o. LOL.

Seriously though we need to just embrace the real unfiltered us.


  1. Making sense for once

  2. What is the world coming to? Where a well known heaux on Instagram is complaining about an app that makes her only job better?!!