Friday, March 11, 2016

Dabota Lawson to haters - I'm beauty and brains

For all of you (including me) who thinks ex beauty queen Dabota Lawson married her billionaire ex husband because of money, well she is setting the record straight and claims no one gave her money to start her business. Read what she posted to us below.

"Dabota Lawson.
Graduate university of Leicester, United Kingdom.
Ba financial economics .2:1 .

Dabota Lawson
Management Accountant .
London School Of Business And Finance ( Lsbf) 2011

Dabota Lawson Miss Nigeria Uk 2009.. I’m Beauty And Brains And That’s A Fact !

In a world where females think to get rich quick. I’ve paid my dues and still paying. I got my 1st job at the age 16 whilst in college in Leicester. @justice_2ndus @redlipsblackmascara remember how funny it was when we were registered to blue arrow agency in college and we were so proud to be working class girls .. Looool

For those of you esp in the media that try to portray my 1st ” taste of wealth” in your myopic mind to create hits for you by saying it was when i got married . You all didn’t do any research , you are all lazy and are a disgrace and sorry excuse and demean the real job of journalism. As a child i had the best life and my parent provided everything , we were given the best education and two holidays each year abroad.

No poor family can train 4 children in the uk on international school fees . God bless my mum and dad for the opportunity. ( thank god almighty) that never made me have a big head and if anything my childhood inspired me to want to be great.

When i met my husband i was still working . He had to beg and pay me to stop work and still i refused and found my calling in business which i started out of my pocket money n789,000. No one gave me millions to start a business.

Anyway i’m tired it’s really easy for women to try to bring other women down. It’s fun because it makes them feel good about themselves. It give those women a temporary relief of the fact that their own lives is in shambles or the person too is not perfect . But who is perfect anyway??? Business now a fews years later with lifes ups and down , with all my mistakes and wrong doings , its booming thanks to my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

This is my flash back … Im am a queen and no one except god can take that away from me!!!"

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