Monday, March 28, 2016

Countess Vaughn has a message for those who body shamed her

Do you guys remember Kim from the show 'The Parkers'? Well she recently got engaged! She posted the picture on the right on Instagram to announce the engagement - "I'm getting married the skin you live in ...embrace yourself....feeling my boots by 43m", she posted.

Well Countess received a lot of negative comments from the post about her body and outfit but she was not having it. See her epic response  after the cut...

"Im not a thot ....i just love my body .....the picture is For Those Who Was Talking About me in My Engagement , This Is What I Thought About It Kiss My Pretty Brown ....I hate negative people, always worried about the wrong filter... .loving my new body ..styled by @savannagarcia"

Bam!  LOL.