Friday, April 1, 2016

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo calls Adeboye a "murderer" and Oyedepo a "child abuser"

Kemi Olunloyo, notorious for her outlandish outburst is taking now on prominent Nigerian church leaders. The 51-year-old who is the daughter of former Oyo state governor, Victor Omololu Olunloyo, levied some rather controversial accusations against the church heads Adeboye, Oyedepo and  TB Joshua in an interview with Pulse TV . Read it below:

"Pastor Adeboye is a murderer. He killed a cop in 1971. He thought he was shooting an armed robber in his house but it was actually a cop that broke in..and he got killed. That’s why I call him a murderer; If you murder somebody, you will continue to be a murderer. Pastor Adeboye said if you are single mother, you have no worth. He said it in one of his speeches in his church and that’s the
real reasons I went after him. I am a single mother, we have worth. We don’t have to be married. I have people on Facebook telling me: ‘how come you have children?’ You don’t have to be married to have children. And Pastor Adeboye also once said that people that bleach are not proud of the skin God gave them.
"Well, I don’t bleach but believe me, I don’t think if someone bleaches, or whitens his/her skin, you don’t have the right to say anything against them. Pastor Adeboye says things in the middle of his services..we don’t have to be there to hear these things. He has audio, visuals and this is the reason why I went after him. ‘Cos he criticizes ‘obinrin tio ni oko, ko ni ade lori’ (a woman who does not have a husband does not a crown on her head). How are you going to say that? Ade-ori (a crown)? My God, I drove a 55,000USD Toyota Land-cruiser in America! I make 850,000USD a year as a pharmacist aside journalism. Vogue Magazine featured me in 1995. They wanted to introduce to the Vogue readers the Nigerian woman who is a pharmacist and a journalist at the same time. I work with’s like a powerful woman! You are saying that because I am single, I’m not worth it. That’s why I went after Adeboye. I see people googling ‘Kemi Olunloyo and pastor Adeboye’ because they want to see what’s wrong."

"Mr Pastor Oyedepo is a child abuser. That’s the way I see him. This young girl came from Imo state to his revival in Winners Chapel. It’s on Youtube, you can see it. Pastor Oyedepo slaps girl. The girl cannot speak English well and Pastor Oyedepo asked what are you here for and the girl said ‘I am a witch for Jesus’. I wish for Jesus to be in my life is what she wanted to say. But he slapped her.He is a child abuser and he is also an entrepreneur. He is not interested in religion..he is only interested in milking people off their money. His son got into trouble in England for that, so let’s talk! He also said the girl is going to hell… How does a pastor tell a little girl he is going to hell because she cant speak English properly?"

"T.B Joshua killed all the South Africans in that building and you are telling me that Lekki Gardens’ MD is in handcuffs. Guys, wake up! TB Joshua is a disgrace to Nigeria. Yesterday was a bad day in the justice system of Nigeria, T B Joshua did not show up in court. I won’t go to his church."

As unstable as she seems, she made some sense. Watch the interview here.

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