Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Nigerian Police Sergeant dies after collapsing during romp with neighbor's wife

A Police Sergeant, Jude Nwandudu, has died in the hospital after he slumped while having a tryst with a colleague's wife in a hotel in Iju area of Lagos State, over the weekend.

Reportedly,  the deceased, a father of four, was having an illicit relationship with the wife of an unnamed policeman, who lives in the same barracks with him. They had both gone to the hotel for a tryst when Nwandudu suddenly slipped in the bathroom while having a shower. He hit his head on the bath tub and collapsed.
The Sergeant was rushed to a nearby hospital, from where he was transferred to LUTH, where he died. Needless to say, there has been trouble for the lover who has now been sent out of her matrimonial home and accused of killing Nwandudu by his widow.

Neighbors of the lovers attested to the fact that here were rumors the pair were having an affair and the lady's husband almost fought with the deceased but they both denied it.

That woman will keep her legs closed for life....I hope. SCANDAL!

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