Friday, March 18, 2016

22-year-old Kenyan engineering student and model died hours after complaining of stomach pain

Linzie Mumbi Ngarari, 22, died suddenly from a rare internal stomach bleed just hours after she had complained about feeling unwell, the Mirror reports.

The model died at her family’s Birmingham. UK home on June 29 last year - just seven hours after waking with severe stomach pains and nausea.  Birmingham Coroner Emma Brown said there had been a “missed opportunity” to send an ambulance because of an error by an emergency call handler as the she should have been seen by medics within half an hour but a mix up detailed them until six hours later.

Consultant Pathologist Jerrard Langham told the inquest that Linzie died as a result of a spontaneous haemorrhage in her stomach.

“This is a very uncommon event,” he added. “We do see it in some traumas like car accidents and in ectopic pregnancies, but there was no obvious cause in this case.”

Mr Langham said it was unlikely Linzie would have been saved even if she had been taken to hospital because of the short time between her first symptoms and her death.

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