Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You won't believe the response this Nigerian woman got after she tweeted about her graduation

Tobi Akingbade, 24, from east London tweeted joyfully when she finally got her degree from the University of Hertfordshire after she failed twice.  The post that has been viewed almost 500,000 times,  got a response that shocked the young woman and made her cry. See it after the cut.

This Twitter user posted a black face parody along with her words. People are just so ignorant!

Ms Akingbade described how she felt when she saw the tweet, she wrote:

'I sat behind my screen at work and burst into tears. I'm not a crier and nothing could've prepared me for this sudden and foreign emotion. 'I was hurt. I was disgusted. I was angry. Most of all I was shocked.'

The editor-in-chief at social enterprise Dream Nation, said she took five years to complete her degree due to personal reasons.

My dear hold your head up high. Sad people try to make others around them sad. Do not let the ignorance of others bring you down.

See another mean response:

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