Friday, February 12, 2016

Tips from a PRO on how to satisfy your partner sexually this Valentine's..Thank me later!

Lantana Bleu a former high-class escort, is sharing her knowledge with those who wish to impress their lovers this Valentine's Day. The erotic romance author offers plenty of sex tips that'll help make all of us better lovers.

"I learned much while caring for men who often confessed they were starved for affection, connection and sexual satisfaction at home. But the most important thing I can impart to you this Valentine’s Day is that truly great sex begins in the mind. If you can court your partner by caressing them mentally and emotionally - before ever stepping foot into your candlelit boudoir - it is possible for your physical lovemaking to become much more intense and occur more often."

See her tips after the cut...

Stroke his ego before you start

Many men suffer from deflated egos that have been sorely neglected by their significant others and the men in turn come to call girls seeking validation.

The ego is linked to men’s penises in a powerful way. You can really never build up or support a man too much in his estimation of himself.

It can feel a bit fake and insincere at first to do it, but to an ego-deflated man it will sound like truth and there is nothing better for boosting a man’s sexual performance.

Whisper sweet nothings in her ear

I strongly believe that virtually all women get love and pleasure in through their ears - through listening to sweet words.

Women gain a lot of arousal by hearing compliments, sweet thoughts expressed and playful teasing.

Remember, women in relationships are like beautiful flowers that need water to live - the water being daily sweet words complimenting her beauty, femininity, smarts, talents, sexiness and otherwise.

Deprive her of your compliments for enough time and you’re left with an increasingly dry, insecure clinging vine with thorns - a tough, cranky lady.

Try a lot of praise during sex

When your lover does something well, especially in bed, praising them verbally is essential, either with words or other indicators of pleasure.

When you praise them with kind words like “that feels so good…” or “I love this!” then he or she will experience that little spike in good feelings in their brain.

They’ll be eager to give you more of the good stuff that they do right - and less of the bad stuff that bores, bothers or annoys.

Create unique sexual experiences

Tap into your imagination and use your body to make your interlude like a snowflake - meaning varying the physical movements and activities and positions so no two are ever alike.

This makes it possible to avoid the pit of the ‘same old, same old’ routine.

It’s so easy - and it’s human nature - to fall into a rut, but it is possible to fight it and overcome sexual inertia.

It may feel awkward or embarrassing at first to keep changing things up, but if you’re in on it together, and willing to laugh, act, and engage in a bit of outrageous theater like role-playing and fantasy fulfillments, it could be more fun than you’ve ever had.

Put yourselves back together if you’ve “let yourselves go”

If you’ve been enabling each other in a downward spiral of lack of exercise, improper diets, bad habits, etc. please stop pointing the finger at your partner and start focusing on being the most attractive lover/companion you can be for him or her.

If you’ve noticed a growing lack of physical attraction, a wane in stamina and sexual activity in the relationship, you might take a look at these more physical factors and then go on a program together by supporting one another to fix or control whatever it is that offends.

Make becoming an incredible lover a priority

It’s so ironic. Men and women as teenagers dream of driving.

They study a manual, practice and then take a test to receive their ever-important driver’s license so they can drive dangerous vehicles on the open road for the rest of their lives - yet many people are driving blind sexually.

They are fumbling around in the bedroom and are clueless as to how to truly give and receive pleasure.

Don’t underestimate the pleasure of powering yourself up with knowledge and physical skills by studying, learning and asking for guidance from your lover to enhance your intimate relationship with your partner.

It’s time, money and energy well spent - and practising is fun!

Help your lover slip away and retreat

One of the chief reasons men visit call girls - and some women hire toy boys - is the entertainer offers moments of tranquility: he or she is not going to be complaining, gossiping, nagging and the like.

And an escort’s lair is usually free from the following distractions: blaring TVs (especially in the bedroom), ringing mobile phones (and the associated distraction of looking at them all the time) and verbal noise (the complaining, gossiping, chatter, etc.)

Help your lover to slip away into your own private world of seduction by setting the stage for romance and intimacy to flourish

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