Thursday, February 11, 2016

Criminal be justifying his actions

“I knew a person who worked for an insurance company. I’d give her some money and then she’d give me all the information I needed to open fake credit lines. I’d create fake drivers licenses and then go into stores and open up lines of credit. You can buy about $10,000 worth of stuff at a time, and then sell it for 70% of face value. I’d also rent cars under their name, change the VIN number, and then sell them with fake titles. You can print a fake title on nice parchment, add a watermark, and nobody looks too close. Then even after I destroyed their credit, I could still use their information. I could print up some fake checks with their name on it and cash them at banks. My checks had magnetic ink and everything. I learned it all on the Internet. I tried to stay emotionally detached. I never learned too much about the people. They were just names to me. Nothing personal. Plus all of them were government employees. So why should I feel guilty? Does the government feel guilty about slavery?” (Federal Correctional Institution: Cumberland, Maryland)

As seen on Instagram via Humansofny

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