Monday, November 9, 2015

Woman kept corpse of dead mum for a year so she could collect benefit checks

60-year-old Mary Kersting has been sentenced to six months behind bars for keeping her 93-year-old mother’s corpse passed who away from natural causes inside the apartment building where they lived for more than a year.

Investigators say Kersting told no one of her mother's death and let her dead body rot without a proper burial. As her mother’s monthly benefit checks kept rolling in, the report says Kersting continued to cash them to a tune of $14,000.

It wasn’t until 14 months later that police went to the apartment for a welfare check and made the alarming discovery. Kersting was arrested and in court she pleaded guilty to improperly disposing of a body, grand larceny amongst others. She was sentenced to six months behind bars and 500 hours of community service and  five years probation.

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