Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures: Refugee father throws himself and family onto rail tracks in Hungary to avoid going to a refugee camp

A desperate refugee family have been photographed being dragged off an Austria-bound train by Hungarian authorities who wanted to take them away to a migrant holding camp.

Having finally been allowed to leave Budapest on board trains bound for western Europe after a tense two day stand off with police, hundreds of refugees now face further frustration and delays after their train was halted in the nearby town of Bicske and all those on board ordered off.

Hungarian police officers wearing protective helmets and carrying truncheons demanded the refugees make their way to a migrant holding centre in the town - leading to clashes with those desperate to start a new life in western Europe.

In one particularly harrowing sequence of images a father overcome with emotion tries desperately to protect his wife and child from being taken away - lying down on the tracks in protest before officers dragged them away for their own safety.

UK Daily Mail

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