Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nigerian Woman files for divorce becasue her husband sniffs her lady parts whenever she comes home late

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A woman petitioned a court to dissolve marriage because she was tired of her husband smelling her private parts every time she came home late, according to court documents in Nigeria.

The Family Court in Lagos, dissolved the 4-year-old marriage between the woman, 28-year-old Sidikat Oseni, and her husband, 50-year-old Waheed Oseni.

Sidikat told the court that her husband was in the habit of subjecting her to a vaginal exam every time she came home late.

The judge handed custody of the children to the woman and ordered her to give her former husband access to the children at any reasonable time of the day.

He also ordered the husband to pay N10,000 ($50) for child support. In court, Sidikat said that every time she came home late, her husband accused her of infidelity.

She also accused her husband of hitting her and tearing her clothes. Waheed did not deny his wife’s claims. Waheed told the court that his wife always came home late, and did not serve him dinner.

He asked for custody of the children, but his request was rejected.