Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tragic! Man wipes out a whole family when he kills his Ex, her new husband and 6 children

Six young children and both of their parents were found murdered in their Texas home after police say the woman’s ex allegedly targeted the family.

According to the NY Daily News, 49-year-old David Ray Conley broke into the family’s Houston home over the weekend and handcuffed his ex, her husband, and the children. The oldest child was actually one of Conley’s.

The victims have been identified as 40-year-old Valerie Jackson, 50-year-old Dwayne Jackson, 13-year-old Nathaniel Conley, 11-year-old Honesty Jackson, 10-year-old Dwayne Jackson Jr., 9-year-old Caleb Jackson, 7-year-old Trinity Jackson, and 6-year-old Jonah Jackson.

David Ray Conley
The senseless murder spree happened when police say Conley broke into the house through a window. After handcuffing each victim, he allegedly shot each of them in the back of the head, one by one.

Police showed up after Jackson managed to send a text to her mother pleading for help, but by the time cops arrived, the NY Daily News reports that they could see bodies on the floor. According to KHOU, Conley opened up to investigators about exactly what he’d done to the victims.

Late Saturday, police tracked Conley down to a home where he’d barricaded himself and they exchanged gunfire after entering. The man was eventually arrested and taken into custody. One of the children, according to KHOU, texted her mother who was in another state. That parent called 911 for the family.

Conley’s motive for the murders is not fully articulated, but reports say he targeted Jackson because of their tumultuous relationship. She had reportedly been forced to kick him out at one point and change the locks, and domestic violence reports against Conley traced back to 2000, when, according to NY Daily News, Conley “threatened to kill his then-girlfriend and her child by wrapping an electrical cord around the baby’s neck.”

KHOU also obtained police documents outlining a complicated “love triangle” of sorts between the suspect, Jackson, and her current husband. You can read more about that here.

Things weren’t always sour between the two parents, though. In fact, the NY Daily News writes that Jackson referred to Conley at one point as the “best father in the whole world. My baby, my best friend, my forever. You have always have put me and our kids ahead of yourself And always take care of home! We love you David Ray Conley III!” That post was reportedly written just a few years ago.

Conley has a long criminal history and was arrested most recently on July 8 because he tried to allegedly harm one of his ex’s kids with a belt.

The suspect is being held at the Harris County jail on multiple capital murder charges.


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