Tuesday, August 18, 2015

School teacher 'marries' Jesus

38-year-old high school teacher Jessica Hayes of Indiana U.S. joined an elite band of 'consecrated virgins' when she 'got married' to Jesus in downtown Fort Wayne at the weekend. The consecrated virgins are similar to nuns in that they live chaste lives. But they do not live in convents and they are not obliged to take on any particular work for the Catholic Church.

However, most volunteer for their local diocese or Church associations. Hayes, who is a theology teacher at Bishop Dwenger High School in Fort Wayne, said she decided to become an consecrated virgin after years of prayer and soul-searching. She says she will continue to live her normal life at home - only now she will not be able to get married to anyone else or to have sex for the rest of her life.

See more photos from the ceremony after the cut.

Mail Online

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