Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nigerian sex workers in Anambra state threaten strike after their brothels were demolished by government officials

This is interesting. If they go on strike what will the sex starved husbands of Anambra do? LOL

About 2,000 Nigerian sex workers in Anambra state have threatened to go on strike Wednesday after accusing the officials of demolishing the brothels where they lived and destroying their business without notice in the state capital Awka.

“We are decent people. We do our business and go our way. We don’t harbor criminals. After all, most of the people that visit us are government officials. They want me to expose them?” the leader of the sex workers, who gave her name as Rachel, said during an interview with lPunch newspaper. “They destroyed our center and left behind other huts, kiosks and canteens that belong to the Hausa cattle traders. Is that justice? Don’t those one harbor kidnappers and criminals?”

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