Wednesday, August 19, 2015

High school student stabs mum over 100 times then hides her body for days

A Miami teen has plead guilty to stabbing his mother to death with a butcher knife and leaving the body in the home for eight days — even during a house party with up to 60 guests.

“The man that I am now is not the boy that I used to be,” the now 19-year-old told the judge. “Actions speak louder than words, and I intend to prove that to you.”

During an argument, Kit Darrant stabbed to death his 35-year-old mom and then covered her body in sheets and blankets for eight days during which he threw parties and took care of his three-year-old brother in the home while body decayed in the bedroom.

Though Darrant attempted to cover the smell with Gain, partygoers noticed the stench, which he dismissed as the garbage. Emile’s body was subsequently discovered by his aunt who made a visit.

Kit Darrant will serve a 28-year prison sentence for the second-degree murder of his mother Renette Emile.

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