Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ciara opens up to Gayle King about staying celibate with Russell Wilson

Ciara made an appearance on U.S show CBS This Morning where host Gayle King asked her about boyfriend Russell Wilson's revelation that they are remaining celibate. She responds:

"It was one of those things where it was an organic conversation he was having. I don't think he expected to talk about it either, but I guess he was just speaking the reality of what is really going on. And, you know, it was at church and I think the cool thing is just being able to share our journey with other people like us. It's a great challenge; I can definitely say that," the singer admitted. "But it's awesome because we get to learn...We get to really challenge ourselves getting to know each other and really build a foundation...We are Christians and we love God and believe in God."

Gayle pointed out that "Christians have sex," but Ciara answered: it's about "wanting to love each other, really wanting to know each other, really wanting to build and grow a solid foundation, because that part is the cherry on top. You know, sometimes I think that can also cloud your emotions and you can kind of not really get to see a person for who they are, so we are challenging ourselves."

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