Monday, August 24, 2015

412 Kg woman removed by firefighters from her home because she could not get out the door

A woman weighing in at 412 Kg had to be rescued from her New York city apartment by emergency crew - using a CRANE to lift her out. 70-year-old Marie Bowman felt sick and called for an ambulance.  It was later discovered that she would be unable to get out her front door because of her weight so fire fighters had to help get her out.

She told The New York Post that it was the first time she discovered she couldn’t get out of her apartment. “I had grown too big," she said. "And that was frightening, because you don’t think, never once, that I wouldn’t be able to get through my door.” Following her emergency trip to St Luke’s Hospital - her first time outside in more than a year - she says she's determined to get better and lose weight.

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