Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Was Wiz Khalifa dissing his ex-wife Amber Rose on new track

So Wiz Khalifa and his ex Amber rose have been going through a messy separation - taking jabs at each other on social media including using their son Sebastian as a pawn in their hateful spats. Well I am not surprised what do you expect from a weed smoking rapper and an ex stripper?

Anyhoo, Wiz Khalifa appears on Juicy J's song "For Everybody," along with Rock City, but  Wiz's verse is causing a stir as it seems to be referencing his ex Amber. Read the lyrics below and decide for yourself.

 "I fell in love with a stripper, Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker/They don't pay attention to the love anyway/They only concerned with what the haters say/Bottles be turning these girls into THOTS/Instagram turning these wifes into hos.
Ouch!!!! Now let me grab my popcorn and wait for Amber to respond.

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